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John Ridley
Mr. Ridley was admitted to practice law in the state of Georgia in 1974.
Mr. Ridley is a graduate of Georgia State University (BS 1971);
Oklahoma City University School of Law (JD 1974);
Emory University School of Law (LLM-Litigation);

Since beginning his practice, Mr. Ridley has continually represented hundreds of individuals and small businesses in front of judges and juries in all of the Courts of the State of Georgia.

Mr. Ridley has authored two books on jury charges that are widely renowned and used by members of the bar of the State of Georgia. Additionally, he has authored numerous articles on trial practice which have appeared in several legal journals.

Mr. Ridley has taught trial practice at Georgia State University Law School, and currently teaches a course on trial practice at Emory University’s School of Law.

Mr. Ridley is a frequent lecturer with the Atlanta and Georgia Bar Associations.

John Ridley is an independent attorney, and Michael P. Pryor, P.C. is a professional corporation which employs an independent attorney. John Ridley and Michael P. Pryor, P.C. give independent legal advice, and nothing on this web site should be construed as representing that John Ridley and Michael P. Pryor, P.C. are a partnership under Georgia law.